LED Marine Lighting


Sleek Design  •  Unmatched Performance  •  Unique Features  •  Key Fob Remote Control Option  •  Private Label for Boat OEMs

By now we are all ver tired of replacing our lights every boating season due to the poor quality, cheap construction and terrible performance of the boat lights (most all are made in China) sold by the major catalog houses and boat store chains.  We think that boat lights should be designed to operate and look good despite being in the sun and salt water and tough environment of boating. We also think your boat lights should be brighter than the 1 nautical mile minimum so you are safe instead of sorry – who wants to be in the fog and rain at night in a busy boating area with only a 1 nautical mile clear-night rated light hoping someone will see you in time to stop????
AveoShark™ is the marine lights division of Aveo Engineering, world leader in aerospace lighting from space aircraft and fighters all the way down to ultralight aircraft.  Our technology is designed to operate in temperatures that range from +85º Celsius down to -90º Celsius, with terrible vibration and shock conditions, so we took our proven performance and knowledge as the basis for the entire AveoShark™ product line.
We challenge any boat light to a side-by-side comparison in performance, and we put our name behind the quality in the industry’s best warranty.



Aveo has engineered its remarkable and unmatched technology from its aerospace dominance into a complete line of standard and custom marine lighting products. From the boat owner to the boat builder to the largest ships in the U.S. Navy, AveoShark™ is unrivaled in design, performance and warranty.

  • All our led marine lights are completely waterproof
  • Available with or without custom connectors per customer requirements
  • Virtually indestructible construction 9 to 36 VDC standard, other voltages optional
  • Custom Electrical Connectors Available
  • Custom Mounts Available
  • 5 Year Unconditional Warranty
  • Aveo NanoCloak™ Nano Technology Membrane Coating provides self-cleaning features
  • All International and USA Certifications including USCG