AveoShark™ is the Marine Products Division of Aveo Engineering Group.  Aveo Engineering is known worldwide for its market-leading, advanced technology aerospace lighting used by almost all major civilian and defense aircraft manufacturers in the world.  This incredible aerospace technology is behind all the AveoShark™ products which brings the famous Aveo circuitry and unmatched product design features to the boating industray worldwide in two distinct product lines, AveoShark Premiere™ and AveoShark Mako™. 

For larger yachts and boats of distinctive design the AveoShark Premiere™ offers unparalleled performance features in the sleekest form factors and top materials for long operational lifetimes.  For smaller recreational boats the AveoShark Mako™ is a more economical product line where cost is the primary purchasing factor.

Whatever your choice, Aveo stands behind its products with the industry’s best warranty and for the boat manufacturer Aveo is the ONLY source for the custom solution designed specifically to your lighting needs, not some generic light out of a box made in China that destroys the look of your beautiful boat!

Contact us to discuss how Aveo can help you get a brighter, lighter and no-drag solution for your boat or ship.